30 Signs You Should Fire Your Doctor

Just because you’ve been seeing the same doctor for years doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for a change. Even if you just signed up for a new doctor and only had a new patient visit, you have the freedom to go elsewhere if you desire.

There are several reasons you might need a new physician, or simply want to get rid of the one you have. This rule doesn’t just apply to your family doctor, either. Perhaps it is time for a new optometrist, dentist, therapist, chiropractor, or specialist. Read on to learn some reasons why you may need to fire your doctor and find a different one.

1. You Feel In The Dark

Do you feel like your doctor is keeping information from you, such as why he or she recommends a particular treatment or why a specific test was ordered? Does he or she use a lot of medical jargon instead of everyday words, and you can’t make sense of what he or she is saying?

Just because your doctor says something that makes sense in a medical school textbook doesn’t mean that you can understand the information. If you feel like your doctor is keeping you in the dark, it may be time to find a doctor who is more open and transparent with you.

2. You Think Your Doctor Has Something To Hide

That feeling is never comfortable. Nowadays, with problems like the opioid crisis stemming from how doctors are turning into pill-dispensing factories, you should pay attention to your gut feelings. If you feel like your doctor has something to hide – especially if he or she is not openly answering your questions – odds are, he or she does.


Feeling like your physician has something to hide may be more of a gut reaction, but there are specific things that you can look for. If he or she beats around the bush or isn’t clear about something, if he or she is hesitant about referrals, or if the diploma and medical license are not clearly displayed, then your instinct may be right. If you believe like your doctor has something to hide, then it may be time to find a new one.

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